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We must receive your T-shirts by Dec. 1st for Christmas Delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the front and back of a shirt?
Yes, you can use the front, back, or both of a single shirt.

Can I use t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, jerseys, tank tops, etc in the same quilt?
Yes, you can use almost any type of fabric used in clothing.

How long will it take to make my quilt?
We can usually ship your quilt back to you two or four weeks after we receive your t-shirts. Rush orders are also available for a small fee. (Graduation and Christmas orders take a little longer.).

What backing/sashing colors do you offer?
We normally have over a dozen colors in cotten and flannel to choose from. [view colors]

Can I send you the fabric I want for the back of my quilt?
We provide several different backing options and we will send you sample fabric swatches. However, if you want to use your own fabric, you can send it in with your t-shirts. Backing fabrics are listed below.

What is batting and how thick is it?
Batting is the layer of insulation that is placed between the top t-shirt layer and the backing. The photograph to the right illustrates approximately how thick our high-loft batting is.

3x3 Lap Quilt
No Borders (45"x45") - 3 Yrds
Borders (48" x 48") - 3 Yrds

4x4 Stadium
No Borders (60"x60") - 4 Yrds
Borders (66" x 66") - 4 Yrds

4x6 Twin
No Borders (60"x90") - 5 Yrds
Borders (66" x 102") - 6 Yrds

5x6 Full
No Borders (75"x90") - 9 Yrds
Borders (85" x 102") - 10 Yrds

6x7 Queen
No Borders (90"x105") - 9 Yrds
Borders (102" x 1119") - 12 Yrds

7x7 King
No Borders (105"x105") - 10.5 Yrds
Borders (115"x115") - 13.5 Yrds

How are the front and back of the quilt held together?
Each quilt includes batting and is quilted throughout for stability and asthetics. We are one of the few t-shirt quilt companies that provides full quilting. (Most just stich the front and back together at the corners of each shirt. Full quilting is the most important feature that makes a t-shirt quilt last.)

What if I want batting in my quilt?
Every quilt includes batting by default for no extra charge. If you don't want it, let us know.

I want to make my child a quilt but I have shirts from toddler size up to adult large, can these be used together?
Yes, we will applique the smaller pieces onto squares of fabric. There is an extra charge for applique, but it looks great.

I tried to make a quilt myself and things just didn't work out right. Can you take my mess and make it into a quilt?
Yes we can take your pieces of t-shirts etc. and turn them into a quilt for you. It may cost a little more depending on how the shirts are cut, but we have never seen a project we couldn't finish.

My Father has a lot of neckties. Can I add them to his quilt?
Yes we can take your neckties and applique them to squares in the quilt.

Do you offer embroidery?
Yes we do! Over half of the quilts we create include a personalized embroidered name, message, or date. This is a great way to commemorate a special event or personalize a special gift! The image below illustrates your options:


How are my shirts cut?
Figure 1The standard square size is 15''x15''. All shirts will be subject to this size unless otherwise stated and agreed upon by the Quilt Loft. Please keep this information in mind as you fill out your order form and lay out your shirts.

Figure 1 shows the usable area from which we will cut the 15''x15'' square—from the base of the collar to slightly above the bottom. Figures 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 give examples. All graphics that can be centered within this area will be. Please mark any unique requests on the "Special Instructions" section of your order form.

Is there anything I should avoid when I lay out my quilt?
Figures 2 and 3 illustrate the binding zone on your quilt, which cuts into the 15'' square. Graphics that will fall close to the binding zone are in danger of being cropped off (examples shown in Figures 2 and 3).

Solutions ...

  • Figure 2 and 3DO NOT position shirts that have graphics close to the edge in the squares touching the binding zone. Place them on one of the interior squares of your quilt.


  • Mark on your order form that you would like us to center the graphic within the square. Although we do our best to do this naturally, sometimes this issue can only be resolved by extra cutting and sewing. Special instructions that require extra labor will be subject to a fee of $35/hour. No exceptions!


Unless otherwise specified in the "Special Instructions" on your order form, all shirts will be cut and sewn according to standard procedure. We are not responsible for any requests not outlined on your order form. If you would like to modify your order form you may call (502) 442-0297 or e-mail your modifications to Order forms that are modified after sewing is complete are subject to additional charges.


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